Unit 4 – Q2 – kiko

How to create strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases

Although the primary school students are young, it is significant to teach them how to protect the personal information and data. However, creating passwords are one of the most common measures to prevent our account leakage.

1.How to create a powerful password?
The powerful password may have a length of 8 – 20 characters, which are combine by upper and lower case letter, symbol and number.
Activity: Please write it down and compare to your partner to decide which one is stronger and easier to remember. (Please do not tell anyone your real passwords!)

2.Passcodes or passphrases
Compare to passwords, passcodes are longer and more security. The minimum requirement for most passphrases is 16 characters. Therefore, it can be an uncommon sentence which is difficultly to guess by others.

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