Unit 2 Weiqi

With the development of information technology, information technology provides people with a more convenient communication platform and information sharing platform, which makes people’s daily life more convenient and access to more abundant information resources and accounting. But in the information age, people produce a lot of data in the process of using information tools. Whether these data are safe for users has gradually become a topic of discussion. Due to the continuous development of information technology and network, the network environment is becoming more and more complex, and more and more illegal acts are carried out through the network, such as hacker attacks, network trojans, computer virus transmission, network scanning, etc., which affect people’s normal life and work to varying degrees, so the network security problem is getting more and more attention. Network security means that the hardware, software and data in the network system are protected from damage, change and leakage due to accidental or malicious reasons. The main reason for network security is the weak network security awareness of users. With the rapid development of information technology, users’ knowledge of network security is uneven, and most users lack of cyber security awareness.

For children, they should know the difference between private information (e.g. full name, address, date of birth, school information) and public information (e.g. favorite color, country you live in, left or right handed, type of car you drive). They need to have the awareness about how to be careful on the data they share about themselves that teacher need to teach them to be thoughtful about collected and shared data and how students store and use the information. There are a lot to do for keep cyber safety awareness.

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