Unit 3 Weiqi

Video surveillance has become an important research field of image processing and computer vision technology in recent years. It tries to detect, recognize and track some objects from image sequences, and understand and describe the behavior of objects. Vehicle tracking is one of the key applications of target detection and tracking. Video traffic monitoring system provides the most effective traffic information for the traffic control and management of intelligent transportation system (ITS) and helps to drive safely. Moving object detection and tracking method is the most basic and important technology in the field of intelligent video surveillance, and it is the key to realize real-time intelligent video surveillance. Traffic monitoring has become very important in this era. At present, the number of vehicles on the road has increased greatly. In order to protect the safety of drivers, traffic law enforcement departments have designated speed limits on road sections all over the country. However, irresponsible drivers will still exceed the speed limit because they know they are unlikely to be caught and punished. This paper develops a system that can detect moving vehicles in video and display the driving speed. If the vehicle exceeds the allowed speed limit, the actual speed of the vehicle will be displayed next to the vehicle in the video, so that traffic law enforcement officers can take necessary measures according to the displayed speed.

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