unit 4 sunmeng

In recent years, network security may have far exceeded our expectations. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic and catastrophic economic disruption, data breaches, network penetration, massive data theft and sales, identity theft and ransomware outbreaks will all occur in 2020.
As a large number of people around the world turn to work from home, and companies quickly turn to remote operations, cyber attacks have become more serious. Research has shown that in cybersecurity incidents, nearly 20% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by remote workers, and the number of ransomware is still on the rise.
For example: The personal data and data sets of millions of users of Whisper were left online and exposed for the whole world to watch; T-Mobile was broken into employees’ email accounts by a hacker, leaking customers and Employee data and so on.
These incidents show that cyber attacks have had a great impact on people’s lives. But responding to cyber attacks is not the responsibility of the individual but the responsibility of the entire society. Cyber attacks have become an important global threat, and international cooperation needs to be strengthened to jointly respond to ensure cyber security.

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