Unit 4 Task – Q1

One very common scam that happens a lot in recent years is the ‘prize&lottery scam’. Just like its name, this kind of scams will claim that you have won a prize or lottery that owns a large amount of money, but in order to get the prize money, you need to transfer a smaller amount of money as ‘tax’ to a designated account. As soon as you made the money transfer, the criminals are succeeded. How does online information play a role in this scam? Well, in order to make you believe that you really won a prize, the criminals will provide some of your personal information at the beginning of the conversation, to gain your trust. This kind of fraud would target the group of people who are young and naive, don’t have the ability to earn a lot of money, and lack cyber safety knowledge. Add this all up, we will find that the teenager group is their ideal target to commit this scam.

One simple way to avoid falling into this type of fraud is that we should never send money to any stranger. Then when we develop further precautions, we can include tips such as don’t trust any non-authority institutions, don’t click on advertisements that pop up on website pages. Instead of making my own fraud, I would like to look at a few ‘prize&lottery scam’ cases, and together analyze the cases with students. We will focus on what specific requests or words the criminals say could help us distinguish the fraud. Also, more importantly, tell our children that they shouldn’t believe in such ‘gain without pain’ cases happen, we should always earn with our hard work.

The Lottery Scam 101

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