Unit 4 – Weiqi

To create strong passwords, firstly, the length should be more than 8 characters, because the longer the length, the longer it takes to crack the password. Meanwhile, punctuation and numbers should also be mixed in the password, preferably without order and regularity. Secondly, set security questions to change or retrieve the password, but the best answer to each question is privacy and known to us. In order to avoid using extremely simple passwords, some websites will force users to set complex passwords to improve security. Thirdly, regularly change the password, which can also Reduce the risk of stolen passwords. Lastly, do not use the same passwords for several different accounts. Apart from these, there are some notes needing attention. For example, do not share your password with friends or strangers; do not send your password through message; do not set simple passwords which is easy to guess; do not use your personal information in the password. Nowadays, biometric security, such as fingerprints, voice sound, face composition and eyes, are popular among the world. These passwords are more privacy and unique, which make sure your cellphone or electronic devices are hardly to be access without your permission. Each of individual should attach great important to their own passwords.

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