Unit 5 Task – Q1

My ethic statements for using technology in classrooms would include:

  • Be friendly and respectful to people online.

Cyber violence, a new concept that was raised in recent years, has brought a massive negative influence on our lives. When using an Internet identity, people start to speak whatever they want to say without considering other people’s feelings. This is extremely terrible and not good for our young generation’s development.

  • Be aware of harmful information and fraud advertisements, don’t click on them!

Like we have learned in the previous units, such attractive prize-winner messages are the first step of stealing your personal information. As soon as you click on it, the trap program will allow the hacker to access all of your data. Having the ability to recognize those fraudulent messages and avoid falling into the trap would be an essential part of protecting our children online.

  • Mustn’t browse websites that contain violent, sexual, and unhealthy content.

This statement is based on the Motion picture content rating system, I simply consider that we need to have our children do things that correspond to their age group. When they are older and have acceptability and judgment ability, we don’t have to restrict them that much. But still don’t bring those content to class, watch them at personal time.

  • Shouldn’t believe all the rumor, have your own judgment and opinion.

Rumor is another part that is connected with cyber violence. The difference is that sometimes you didn’t realize rumor is as powerful as bad words towards other people. Instead of listening to other people all the time, children should have their own opinion and judgment on different scenarios.

  • Always use cyber technologies as a tool to help our life, don’t get controlled by them.

Internet addiction disorder, another popular topic in recent years, describes the group of people who becomes the Internet’s slaves. They would spend every minute using the Internet, and other than using online services, anything in real life could catch their interests. Therefore guide our children to place technologies in the right position at a young age are necessary.

  • Definitely no video games during class time.

Based on my personal experience, when you are focusing on games, you won’t have the ability to do a second thing. So no games in class are very important to building an effective class.

  • Never leak your personal information on social media.

Information leakage, also extremely dangerous for our real life, moreover it is nearly irreversible. Don’t post any of your or your friends’ and family’s information online is a useful way to protect ourselves.

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