Unit 3 – How We Share Digital Information

Unit 3: Task

There is a myriad of ways humans leave traces of information while using technology. This occurs both passively and actively.

They include:

  • Using an online search engine such as Google.
  • Making an online purchase.
  • Scanning your passport.
  • Sharing a tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook.
  • Using home automation systems such as Google Nest Hub.
  • Interacting with smart speakers such as Google Home.
  • Writing and publishing a blog post.
  • Accepting the use of “cookies”.
  • The user’s IP address.
  • Sending text messages.
  • Completing and submitting online forms.
  • Leaving comments or ‘likes’ on photos, videos or articles.
  • Sharing photos, particularly those with EXIF data intact.
  • Using mobile apps that communicate the location of the device.
  • Going to the doctor and your digital medical file being updated.
  • Using your credit or bank card.
  • Turning on the TV or watching online streaming services such as Netflix.

The image below has some helpful tips for students to manage their digital footprints.

Sources: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/01/a-brief-guide-to-the-technologies-changing-world/





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