Unit 2 Option 1

Cyber Security:

Cyber security involves the protection of online computers, networks, programs, and data. Essentially the incorporation of a range of people and technology to ensure the use of online technology can be as secure as possible.


Cyber Awareness:

Cyber Awareness involves students building their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors relation to protecting online information and assets. Essentially building peoples knowledge and understanding of what can be done to ensure your information online is as secure and safe as possible.


Cyber Safety:

Cyber safety involves the managing and collaboration through working safely and responsibly. Essentially meaning that all users of the online cyberspace are using integrity while working collaboratively with other user and understanding your own individual digital footprint.


All three of the fundamentals need to be taught and students should be required to engage with all three topics of cyber security, awareness, and safety. This could be taught independently of other curriculum areas, but I believe connecting it to other curriculum areas would benefit student engagement with the fundamentals.

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