Unit 2 task

Topic:  Exploring private and public information sharing

Level: Primary 

Objectives: Students are able to recognize private information and public information 

Activity 1: Guessing who?

Students are given a list information of new friends (about 6-8 imaginary friends). Examples of piece of information is shown below:

Name William Smith Kevin Le Julia
D.O.B 05 September 23 July 15 May
Nationality Korean Vietnamese Vietnamese
Phone number 0484.677.257 2467.467.357 2462.604.257
Favorite color Red, blue Blue Green
Favorite food Chicken, soup Soup, pizza, French fries Broken rice, Pizza
Pets Cats Dogs, Cats Dogs
Hobbies Swimming, playing badminton, Hanging out with friends Playing badminton, Running Swimming

Teacher says: “that person likes blue.”

Students: William Smith, Kevin Le (two options)

Teacher says: “that person’s phone number is 2467.467.357”.

Students: Kevin Le (only one option)

(keep going)


  1. The information that can only identify one person is called Private information
  2. The information that can be used to describe more than one person is called Public information

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