Task 2: Option 3

Option 3: Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves secondary students exploring ‘privacy’ in data collection for a school project. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

Kids share a lot of information whenever they go online — sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. But do they understand that online privacy isn’t just what they say and post? Help your students learn about their digital footprints and the steps they can take to shape what others find and see about them.

Task 2: Option 3 – Being Aware of What you Share

Slide – Being Aware of What you Share

As i am enjoying my Kindy way of learning, I prefer to learn through Play or Watch interesting Games, Slides or Lesson plan. I was impressed with this website and I would like to share what I had found during this Cyber Security Lesson. This is fun, cute and easy way for Secondary kids to approach the meaning of “Privacy”

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