Unit 2 Task

Answering question 3 … sharing a resource…


The Lost Summer Video Game and Teacher Guide are designed as an early intervention to support students in years 5-8 build digital intelligence. One critical element of course is privacy.

The free resource is organised into five chapters that can form the basis of five discrete lessons or a learning sequence. Each chapter explores a different digital intelligence skill, including empathy, resilience, respect, responsibility, and critical thinking.

The Video Game tasks players with taking on the role of a different young person from a diverse community in each chapter and completing a series of quests relating to the chapter’s learning objective. Each chapter is designed to scaffold learning, with players progressing “through more complex scenarios”.

The Teacher Guide includes five lesson plans with slide decks that follow a pattern of pre-game activity, play game, feedback on game play, and post-game activities. The pre- and post-game activities appear designed to give teachers freedom to differentiate for ability level but there is limited guidance to support this. The Teacher Guide claims that students will likely spend around 20 minutes playing the game, with the pre- and post-game and feedback taking between 15 to 70 minutes.

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