Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves secondary students exploring ‘privacy’ in data collection for a school project. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

Creating a fun and informative activity for a class to teach them about internet safety and privacy is important. It might be beneficial for students to engage in an interactive task to give them a better understanding of the concept. Teaching data privacy in a way that would be relevant to secondary students might involve discussing the concept in relation to phone applications or social media. Hearing voices of other people the same or a similar age might provide the a sense of being relatable which might incline students to take more notice, having a personal approach and  having anecdotes might also be useful. There is a video from Common Sense Education about privacy and digital footprints as told by teenagers which might be a useful resource to share with the students. This is the link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ottnH427Fr8

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