Unit 2 Task – Option 1

Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or do you think they should be taught?

Cyber Security is about protecting the hardware, networks and software using computer science technology and systems. These are the systems and processes deployed by professionals to protect computer systems. The actions of computer users such as consumers have an impact on how effective the cyber security is.

If users practice cyber awareness, they behave in a way that supports cyber security. This includes actively doing things like being aware of how cyber attacks can occur and taking action to behave in a way that minimises the likelihood of such attacks occurring or being successful. This also includes using data sensibly and taking measures to protect your personal information so that it stays private, not misusing any data that you become aware of, and being aware of and following relevant data policies and procedures. It also includes using strong passwords and using two factor authentication when appropriate or necessary.

Cyber safety is related to Cyber Security and Cyber Awareness, however it is more about understanding the risks to your information and wellbeing that can result from what data you share online and how other people can use that information to harass, bully or intimidate you in online environments. To practice Cyber safety, individuals need to be conscious of their digital footprint and how they use their devices, The Cyber Safety of individuals is also dependent on the behaviour of the people that those individuals interact with and how individuals respond if others mistreat them. An important skill can be knowing when and how to disengage with others to prevent things such as cyberbullying and other types of mistreatment.

All three of these things are matters that secondary students should be aware of and understand. Secondary teachers should take the opportunity to model and demonstrate cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety whenever they can. The extent to which each teacher can teach them will vary depending on the content of the lesson being taught, and how it is being taught. If using an online resource or providing access to one, teachers should take the opportunity to remind students of the need to be cyber aware and practice cyber safety by using cyber security if applicable or necessary.


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