Unit 2 Task

Option 1:

This unit was useful in defining cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. I see these as split into two categories: tech focused and user focused. Cyber security focuses on the computer science technology and systems that can protect computers, networks, programs and data. Whereas, cyber awareness and cyber safety are both about the user- their knowledge and actions. I think there is a strong focus in schools on cyber safety, particularly around collaborating responsibly and using ICT appropriately. This is because this is seen as the main ICT concern that affects students whilst at school, as students use ICT to communicate and collaborate with each other. However, as education is about preparing students for all aspects of life, more attention should be given to cyber security and cyber awareness. As cyber security is technology focused, it can seem less relevant to students. However, students should still be taught the basics, to have a general understanding of the importance of cyber security measures. Cyber awareness should be prioritised just as highly as cyber safety, as it builds skills and attitudes about ICT that are necessary for cyber safety.

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