Uni4 – Option 3

Task 4 – Unit 4 – Option 3

3. Share your thoughts on what you imagine to be the future of cyber attacks. Consider the types of information we store and share online today. What information will hackers try to get in the future? What approaches do you think they will use?

A very likely trend for the future of cyber attacks is the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). By using AI, black hat hackers can design algorithms to adjust their attacks as defences are made against their techniques. In this way hackers may be able to respond to design changes in things like passwords and cyber security systems faster than designers can create new ways to protect the password and systems from the hackers.


Another likely trend is increases in ransomware attacks given they have increase in frequency and scale in recent years, such as the recent attacks in the United States on the “Colonial pipeline and JBS Meat Packers” as described in the following article about President Biden Meeting with Vladimir Putin to discuss cybersecurity in June 2021:

What Biden-Putin summit reveals about future of cyber attacks | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

Hackers in the future will likely continue to be motivated by financial gain and the desire to cause chaos for other nation-states or organisations perceived as threats by third parties. This means that the information seen as valuable, and the approaches hackers use will probably continue to be more sophisticated versions of attacks that occur today as well as ways of hacking that have not even been conceived of now, to attack IT systems that have yet to be invented.



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