Unit 2 – Task: Option 1

The definitions and explanations for this Unit 2 task were explicit and communicated well visually. Cyber security is related to the protection placed on a network, computer or digital device to prevent attacks from hackers and to maintain the security of technology systems. Security has many levels, such as, application security, network security and physical security. Physical security is one that most use, such as ID cards and passcodes. It is ultimately a level of protection, whereas Cyber awareness and safety ultimately comes down to and relies on the user. Cyber Safety is about one applying safe settings and being careful with tools and devices, which is connected to Cyber Awareness, which encompasses further awareness of digital systems and polices. Therefore, the main difference between the three is that Cyber awareness and safety are strongly linked as it comes down to the user and their understanding versus Cyber security which d=focuses on physical layers of digital protection. The way these are being taught in a classroom setting is threw the teacher reminding students to stay on task and visit appropriate sites. School computers will have a level of Cyber security, for example the blocking of certain sites, therefore students can’t access these. More emphasis needs to be placed on the teaching of being Cyber aware as not all devices have a Cyber security embedded. As students rely so heavily on ICT with communication at schools, Cyber safety and awareness is paramount in maintaining a safe, inclusive learning environment for all. 

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