Unit 4 – Task: Option 3

Cyber-attacks play a large role in today’s world, where people try gain unauthorised access to others data and computer’s. People store all sorts of private information on technological devices, such as banking accounts (login details), emails and photos. Today, Malicious software is used to attack a computer or device system with the intention to destroy devices for one’s fun. Some use it to steal banking information and other valuable information from businesses for financial benefits, however companies can protect themselves against this with protective software. Today, it seems common for individuals to send out malicious links to corrupt one’s device just for their benefit or fun. This seems to be the future of attacks, where many can create such malicious links, sending them out. A way or approach of doing this that seems to be common and relatively easy, is phishing, where individuals send out deceitful emails, pretending to be a credible resource. This happens frequently all over the world. Online scams are another common approach in trying to access others sensitive and confidential information. 

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