Unit 5 – Option 1

  1. Share with us your top 5-10 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

When using technology in the classroom:

  1. Always respect others.
  2. Ask if you are acting with integrity.
  3. Think before you post anything online. Do you really want to share that thought with everyone? Is it fair? Would you be happy if someone said or did that thing in relation to you?
  4. Never share other people’s ideas, comment, or photos without getting their permission.
  5. Check the rules before doing something online. Are you respecting the website/blog/social media platform you are participating in.
  6. Always be sure the information you are using is accurate. Have you checked the validity of your source. Have you researched it well enough to be sure it is true.
  7. Be ready to defend your comments. Before you post anything online consider whether it is an idea you believe in and are willing to defend.


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