Unit 2: Option 1

To my understanding, cyber security are the safety measures undertaken by individuals and their devices to protect their data and information when they are using the internet. Cyber awareness is concerned with individuals being aware of the importance of being safe on the internet and the different ways to ensure that safety. Finally, cyber safety is more to do with an individual’s general conduct on the internet and being an ethical and responsible cyber citizen, which concerns not just their own cyber security but the security of others. I try to make sure that these are taught in my classroom by embedding students with a firm understanding of the meaning of data, how its used and the implications this has for student individual security and the security of others. This could be taught by constructing a series of questions that students should always be asking themselves whenever they are planning on collecting or sharing data. This could be relevant in an activity that is asking students to consider their online activities generally, or when they are undertaking a specific research assessment which would require them to collect other people’s data.

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