Unit 2 Task

Cyber Security: protecting computers, networks, programs and data from being digitally attacked through the design of security controls and protection. Protecting ICT users by increasing their awareness and informing user behaviour.

All people play a critical role in cyber security – those who design secure systems, those who maintain security and protection, those who educate about cyber security awareness, and those who use digital tools. It is important that students understand their role in cyber security, first and foremost they should be taught how to stay safe when using ICT. Students should be continuously taught as their role changes as they learn more and use ICT to greater extent.

Cyber awareness: the understanding of potential threats to safety, and the knowledge and skills to avoid threats.

It is important that students and all ICT users understand that there are potential threats to safety when interacting in an online space. Knowledge empowers students to utilise resources in a safe manner.

Cyber safey: safe and responsible use of ICT is the concept that we all behave as good citizens when interacting in the digital space using technologies.

It is important that student and all ICT users adopt skills to ensure they behave responsibly online, to stay safe and maintain a safe environment online.

Today’s students are moving into an increasingly digitised world, and it is imperative that they learn the skills to keep themselves safe and maintain a safe environment for their peers, families, colleagues, and global community.

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