Unit 3: Option 1

There are many ways that humans can leave traces of information with technology.

1) The Check In Canberra App
– This app allows individuals to scan a barcode when they arrive at a certain location that records the date, time and location that they have checked into. This information then gets uploaded to the ACT Health server, only to be used for contact tracing if there is a case of Covid 19 in that area.

2) Social media algorithms and filter bubbles
– Social media platforms collect information about their users through the posts they share and the sites they click on. A centralised algorithm then ensures that users will continue to be targeted with posts and information that matches those values and interests in order to create a comfortable and agreeable social media experience. This creates a filter bubble, in which the only information that users are exposed to is information that fits within the information they have supplied to facebook about their worldview.

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