Task 2 – Question 1 response

The terms cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are overlapping, yet distinct. Cyber security refers to the protection of computers, networks, programs and data through computer science technology and systems. It involves employing skilled professionals to design technological systems that apply innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence) and use strong testing procedures to prevent attacks and maintain security. Cyber safety thus refers to the security of technology and its related systems. Contrastingly, cyber awareness is the knowledge that underpins the protection of technology and its systems. It involves building knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in protecting information and assets. This is done by creating strong passwords and using two-factor authentication, increasing awareness of data and cyber attacks and keeping up-to-date policies and procedures. Lastly, cyber safety is the enaction of safe and ethical practices in relation to technology and data. It involves practices such as citing original authors, collaborating responsible and sharing thoughtfully, being mindful of the digital footprint and ethical conduct.

I think all of these practices ought to be explicitly taught in educational settings so that they can be applied by students in all subject areas. These practices are essential to maintaining safety and upholding ethical responsibility in the digital age, and need to be integrated more overtly into day-to-day classroom teaching.

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