Unit 5: Task

Question 1

My 5-10 code of ethics statements

  1. Help prevent cyber bullying – This explaining what cyber bullying is and the effects it can have on an individual
  2. Self-image is essential – Children need to learn that not all people a going to have a models body figure and that’s ok
  3. Use technology effectively and thoughtfully – teachers should incorporate technology wherever possible within the classroom
  4. Always site the original source – citing website displays the importance of it to young children so they are aware that they will have to do it later in life
  5. Take care of technology – children need to become aware of what they share and save on their devices within the school

Question 2

Cyberbullying: What Teachers and Schools Can Do | Scholastic . This website has some great information and statistics to do with the topic of cyber bullying. It also allows viewers to focus on a particular year group which is very helpful

Question 3

I believe all the essential cyber ethics questions were covered

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