Unit 2 – Task



Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or do you think they should be taught?

My response:

The main differences between these categories comes down to function of each label: ‘Security’ as a physical concept is easy to understand and by using this same term for electronic digital and online applications and devices, users are encouraged to consider their information, databases and files as valuable comodities as worthy as protecting as anything tangible/physical they also own; ‘Awareness’ is where you want each user’s head to be – in a state of alertness and preparedness of the ramifications of their online and digital behaviours.  Essentially, this category is designed to raise the literacy level as to what happens when we interact digitally, how we can put in safeguards to protect and defend ourselves and ‘red flags’ to look out for; ‘Safety’ is the place we want all users to be once they have established appropriate security protections and are aware/alert to potential dangers of their behaviour.  Essentially, we want users to proceed with caution and to practise safe and responsible cyber behaviour all of the time.

As a pre-service teacher I see immense value in teaching these fundamental aspects of our online behaviour and activities.  If all students were to implement practises and procedures that covered these three categories, they would be entering the wider world with a much stronger and secure level of cyber awareness.



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