Unit 2 Task

1.Key differences:

Cyber security – protecting devices, data, network and programs through technology

Cyber awareness – building our knowledge and strengthening our attitudes and behaviours to enhance protection of data

Cyber safety – using the internet safely, responsibly and ethically

2. As a textiles teacher, a lot of resources are found online such as patterns or video tutorials. While waiting for a resource to load, I can take the time to explain to students why it hasn’t loaded (the packets haven’t been ticked off) and how data is tramsitted. This is a great way to combine disciplines and interest students who may not consider themselves interested in computer science by relating it to a subject they are interested in.

3. An activity I have an idea for is this: Students go on their device and we make a game of it. We go onto as many textiles related websites as possible and accept the cookies, then scroll on social media for 5 minutes and make a tally of how many textiles related ads students see. While using social media in class isn’t often a great idea, I think it could be a powerful tool in teaching students about privacy and data collection.

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