Unit 3 Task

1.Information extracted from data

Saving passwords or financial details for a faster check out. PayPal “OneTouch”.

2. Codes from history

Patterns to create clothing have their own code that users need to understand in order to use the pattern (technology). This has shifted over the years as technology has changed. Patterns started with minimal instructions, and little punctured holes that you had to decode to correctly piece together a garment. Now, there are more instructions on the pattern pieces themselves as well as detailed instructions on how to piece together your garment; however the terminology and symbols used still needs to be “decoded” by the user to successfully complete their project.

3. App security resource

Tiktok security. TikTok is a popular app with secondary students and what their Four You Page is curated by an algorithm. Similar concept to the example given in the unit, students can create a video using a filter (i.e. the silhouette challenge that used to be popular) then, in another app like photoshop, try to adjust the filter to show clear facial details. Students can also then look into the encryption data to test and research the security of Tiktok. The security and data collection of TikTok can be used as it is an app that students are currently using and is popular at the moment.

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