Unit 4 Task

1.Scam scenarios

The collabs sent via instagram messages. Sharing assignments online to help strangers or paying for people to do your assignment for you. Dodgy websites. Email scams from scammers pretending to be companies like Microsoft.

2. Classroom resource (passwords)

An idea I have, is turning a challenge into a group game students can work together to play. They are given three different hypothetical passwords (from easy to difficult) and a scenario with information about the person who uses the password. Each password unlocks a part of a literal puzzle that will create a fashion silhouette for an era in history. Students need to unlock the three different passwords to solve the puzzle and determine which era the silhouette belongs to. The first group to break all three passwords receives a prize. Students can then discuss what password was the most difficult to break and why; and how this relates to their passwords and safety. Another idea (not textiles related) is setting up a debate in a home group surrounding passwords, students have to research and debate against each other for easy or difficult passwords.

3. Future cyber attacks?

I don’t know for this question. I want to say it’ll be personal data or a virus in a government or educational setting to access data, but everything can change so quickly and new threats will continue to emerge as time goes on.

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