Hello. My name is Julie and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education- ECE externally through JCU. I am employed as a lead educator in a toddler room at an early learning centre but have previously worked as a teaching assistant in far North Queensland for 15 years. I am hoping that this course will enable me to be able to confidently explore the internet safely, to be able to learn and develop skills that will allow me to teach my future students safe cyber awareness.


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    Hi, my name is Brit, I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education (Primary) externally through JCU, I am presently enrolled in Technologies for Primary School and one of the set assessment tasks is to complete this course and obtain a certificate. I currently am working as a teacher aide while studying to become a teacher and am looking forward to the day I am able to teach my very own class. As technology is vastly growing it is more important than ever to be educated in cyber security and awareness. I look forward to learning new knowledge through this course and creating the capability needed of me to explore the internet confidently and safely, and developing new skills and capabilities that will not only increase my awareness but enable me to teach my future students safely, correctly and responsibly about cyber safety and awareness.