Unit 2 Question 1

In trying to conceptualise the differences between cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety, I find it useful to consider how each factor applies to me as an individual. Cyber security is something that, as an individual, I am less likely to be directly involved in. Personally, my participation in this factor is quite remote. For example, I may select an antivirus software to load onto my personal computer. However, I am not directly involved in creating that programme or repelling hacking attempts myself. Cyber awareness involves the individual internet user somewhat more directly. For example, I should be aware of ways in which hackers might attempt to access and use my data. As a result of this, I then take the appropriate steps to protect myself online. no daughter and I should the appropriate steps to protect myself online. The final factor, cyber safety, is the one that requires the most actually participation from individual internet users. This is the way in which I can protect myself from other individuals on the Internet. For example, I might choose to use an alias on social media websites to maintain a degree of privacy while interacting with others online.


I think that it is really important for these to be taught in the classroom. As a preservice teacher, I have not had a great many opportunities to incorporate this into my teaching. However, one simple activity that I have used on a recent placement uses Blooket, an online quiz tool. this tool gives the option for students to try to guess the passwords created by the other students. This activity can be incorporated into a wide range of key learning areas and is very useful for demonstrating password strength to students.

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