Unit 2 Task

Cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety are intrinsically linked, and often confusing with the differences due to the similar names for the content.


Cyber security is the highest level of the three, encompassing cyber security experts, systems such as AI and biosecurity, and systems such as encryption. This is so high level that an in depth analysis or understanding is impossible for the average person – it seems that those who have the greatest interest and understanding would pursue it as a career. I think these concepts are worth mentioning in a classroom, but I don’t think it is particularly necessary for the majority of students or teachers.


Cyber awareness is far more relevant for the average person, and encompasses things students might not think of as a big deal, but that would greatly hurt them if mismanaged. For example, the use of strong passwords. A simple example would be their school accounts. If their password isn’t secure, it could be guessed by a friend, who uses the login to cause havoc for the student. This also impacts their future employment.


Cyber safety is especially important for younger students, who are less likely to understand the impacts of certain dangers of the internet. This is where understanding that you can be traced through your digital ‘footprint’, and found in person depending on what you share. This is where I personally believe the emphasis should be placed in the classroom.

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