Unit 3 Task

Humans have been leaving traces of information through technology for millennia. Whether it’s animal bones found with scratches indicating the invention of cooking, burial sites with intricate jewellery, colourful mosaics found buried deep underground, all of these are ways humans have left a mark on the world through technology.


When it comes to the modern day, as we saw, a photo we post has so much information that is not obvious to those out of the loop. There are so many other ways we are impacted by this exact scenario when we use technology, especially the internet. When you access any website, information is collected about you. Where you are from, what you’re searching, how long you spend looking at information. Certain markers also give information about who you are as a person. Your age, gender, nationality, and interests can be guessed with remarkable accuracy. This is all important to understand when we think about the online world.

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