Unit 1

I’m Harley Bartlett. I set to complete my Masters of Teaching this semester. I have previously studied a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2018 at CSU. Since then, I have moved to Canberra to further my studies here.

My teaching area is Digital Technologies and STEM. I’m passionate about using technology with students to help solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions to make life easier. I am also a lover of video games and from an early age, this sparked my interest in technology and creating digital solutions and engaging experiences with technology. I am deeply interested in user interface design and how to create pathways that are easy to use.

I am taking this course to learn more about how I can teach students to be safe online when using digital systems but also to be mindful when posting and creating content online. Furthermore, I want to know how to navigate and work within digital spaces safely and ethically and protect my personal data and identity.


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