Unit 3: Information Systems Safety & Cryptography

Humans as users of technology, leaves traces of data everywhere we go and in everything we do. With every picture we take, details in the picture would show where we are and what we are doing. Every expression or statement we make (via messages to our friends or the likes we give to any post) would expose information of our preferences and lifestyle.

For example, as we follow lifestyle influencers on Instagram, the app would show more and more advertisement on health product. We would soon notice more and more of these similar advertisement, through Google, Facebooks and etc, even as we browse the internet via different device as all our devices would be logged in with the same email address. This happens as the moment we agree to using the app, we are actually agreeing to the terms and conditions that our information would be collected i.e. our photos, the likes, the accounts we follow, the messages we send, the post we share and also the keywords that we looked up for. All these are hints and clues that act like a puzzle for people to gather information and piece our life together, and to later use it for various purposes such as commercial and business where our preference and “needs” are identified and “fulfilled”.


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