Unit 3. Task

Humans leaves traces of data with every click they make on a computer. Examples of this include, private messages sent to friends (via apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram), photos and videos that are liked on social media and video sharing platforms, and ads that are clicked on. While using these apps we are giving permission to the app creators to hold and share our information with third parties. By messaging our friends, liking photos, and viewing ads we are leaving traces of information behind such as our likes and dislikes, items we may be interested in purchasing, what we find appealing and unappealing, and much more. This information provides data which can be extracted by third parties. A concrete example of this is messaging a friend to say you would like to buy a new bed because your back is sore, this information can be sold to third party marketing companies or businesses. In this circumstance, it is probably only a matter of time before you will start seeing ads for beds in your feed. The “private message” that you sent your friend has now become information and data for third parties to extract.

A digital footprint concept illustration


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