Unit 4 Task.

In the future imagine cyber hacks to step it up in terms of strategy and intelligence in hacking. As VR develops, I imagine VR becoming a household item, I imagine majority of western households will have access to VR technology and it becoming a way in which we interact with family and friends. With people actively participating in a metaverse world. Within this metaverse I imagine people’s social media will move away from a simple feed and morph into an interactive virtual reality world, where people will have the ability to create an avatar of themselves, meet their friends and family for coffee within a virtual reality and use their banking details to pay for art, avatar features such as skins, costumes, hair etc.. As this happens, I imagine hackers will find a way to hijack an individual’s avatar and use it to gain their personal information, spend their money, and tap into their friends and family’s information. As the virtual realities take over reality, hackers have the potential to assume someone’s whole identity. The approaches they will use will be similar to the ones they currently use in terms of hacking passwords to access peoples accounts. As we move into a world of facial recognition and fingerprints replacing passwords, it is likely the hackers will figure out a program to use to overcome this. Potentially they could use photos of people hands and face to put into a program and use this to convert into facial and fingerprint recognition to gain access to peoples accounts.


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