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Unit 5 – task – question 1

Top 5 code of ethics statements for using technology in my workplace.

Ethical use of technology entails a behavior which consists on using every technological resource in the workplace in a way that is honest, competent, professional, decent and proper.

Firstly, we consider honesty as the first and foremost criteria. Everyone should be honest and trustworthy in the representation of skills, knowledge and products regardless of the personal interests or private preference. We learn not to cheat or hurt each other and always value the ethics in the use of every technological gadgets and tools.

Another code worth mentioning is competence. New staff begin working with the company’s software right from the very beginning. Every staff’s experience with using the technology and the internet differs. Some may take longer time than the other; however, getting the hold of using some basic tools is absolutely essential.

Next, I would like to add in another code, which is professionalism. Each of every staff are always aware of the fact that technology will aid the development of professionalism. Therefore, everyone should be eager to learn and sharpen their skills.

Last but not least, being decent and proper are the final factors. We hold ourselves responsible for ethical conduct. Hence, the fact that we have to incorporate ethical practice that use digital tools in the workplace is unavoidable. This encourages us to learn how to use technology properly and decently.

Our goal is to work online safely; embrace and promote the ethical aspects of technology usage by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication.

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