Unit 2

While reading the content in unit 2 I discovered a great activity that can be used to make the concept of networks visible for students. I have modified the above activity that has come from the unit 2 content.

Creating a physical representation of a network will give networks meaning as the students can worked through building one and can see how it works from start to finish.

This can be done by acting out a network.

The students are first given roles, they can be the nodes or routers.  Use a piece of string to represent links.

The nodes must remain stationary, while the routers can take two steps in any direction.

Allocate one node to hold the string, they must communicate to a router where they want the string to go (must be to another node). They then hand the end of the string to the router who will take two steps to find another router, relay the message and hand the end of the string over. This action will happen again and again until the string has reached its final destination.

We will then be left with a line of string still connected to each person involved in getting the string to its destination.

By the end of this tangible activity students should have a clear understanding on how networks are formed and how they work.

-Jade Plaistow

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