Unit 2 Task

While all elements of cyber security, awareness and safety are linked, there are specific differences between them.

Cyber Security involves protecting computers and other ICT devices, programs, and networks from digital attacks including hacking.

Cyber awareness refers to the understanding and behaviours that we can teach and learn so that we can protect our own information as users of ICTs.

Cyber safety is the ethical, safe and responsible usage of ICTs. It stems from cyber awareness, however it is specifically about how we put this awareness into practice.

Especially within the past couple of years where schools have been increasingly providing online delivery due to Covid-19, I believe it is important to ensure that cyber security, awareness and safety are actively taught to students. When they utilise online resources such as Google Classrooms and Docs, and other collaborative tools (for example, Noteflight in a music classroom), they should be aware on how their data is being transferred. This includes being clear on how to share documents, and the differences with sharing options (for example, sharing a Google Doc with a select few people or with anyone with the link).


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