Unit 3 – 1 – Other Traces

One particularly troubling way that I have observed people leaving traces of their identity is through name generators which regularly go around on sites like Facebook and Instagram. The premise is that, based on a few, seemingly innocuous, personal details, you can generate your pirate name, the title of your memoir, or something similar. While giving away your first and last initial might not seem very dangerous, after sharing a few results a person can share a concerningly large amount of personal information. Just from ones that I have seen recently, it would be possible to know a person’s first name, several letters of their last name, their whole birth date, parents’ names, and digits of their phone number. Another alarming trend is for these to include details that are often used as security questions, such as mother’s maiden name, pets name, and holiday locations. While it might seem fun to find out your “Bridgerton name”, it is important to be aware of what information we are sharing.


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