Unit 2 – task 1 – question 1

The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety.
Security called using electronic digital, online applications or devices are valuable should be protected.
Awareness would like people to enhance their online and digital behavior. The table of content is designed to raise the literacy level like what happens when we interact digitally, how we deal with or protect suitably.
Safety is a place that we all want the users to be alert to cyber-attacks of their behavior that is a reason why we have to be responsible and cautious to recognize the online threat in order to carry out safe behavior.
According to my writing, I believe that if they can implement 3 categories, they will be entering a wider world with a much stronger and safer cyber awareness. Using online in school or home environment is developing and increasing so the students might know how to recognize potential dangers. Furthermore, it is able to extend students’ knowledge in the classroom because it’s deeply relevant in the age for children to be aware of this issue.


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