Unit 3 – task – question 2

Unit 3: 2. What other interesting examples of codes from history or the modern-day (digital or non-digital) can you find to inspire or support a lesson about encoding and decoding messages?


According to the article mentioning different types of codes to support encryption and decryption, people will have various options to protect their information no matter how old-fashioned or updated the methods. Therefore, from my perspective, there was one popular example of codes from the past supporting the lesson of teachers and students called Morse. Notably, this communicative method was used to help students enhance their memory and practice their listening as well as writing skill in order to encode and decode the message. To explain, the method will use the symbol of “dot” and “dash” to transform the information into plain text. This way has become an educational and helpful lesson in a soft skill class from numerous education institutions in Vietnam.


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