Unit 2 – Task 2 – Option 2

Share with the community a way you would like to introduce networks into the classroom to make it tangible or visible for primary students. It could be using a resource you have found or your own idea or thoughts.

I would first talk to the students about how a computer network is like any other network in their lives. I would draw up on the board, their family network. Most likely consisting of the student in the middle, Mum, Dad and siblings around.

Then I would get them to draw up their friend network. I would get them to add on their friends parents to the friends to show that the parent can be connected to the network when only being connected to one friend. I would use the example of wanting the friend to sleep over but that friend has to ask their parent’s permission first.

Then I would show them how their computer or device is like them in their friend circle. Then I might say how their friend is like a router. Then I would say how the friend’s Mum is like a server where data is saved and we want to access it, using the sleepover analogy.



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