Unit 4 – Task 4 – Option 2

Get the students involved in a conversation before leading into the password activity. Example questions:

  1. Do any of you have currently have accounts that need a password?
  2. Why do we need passwords? Are some passwords better than others?
  3. What happens when you forget your password?
  4. Is it okay you share your password with your best friend?
  5. Is there anyone you can or should share your password with? (your parents)
  6. True or false: The best password is my birthday or my phone number?
  7. Which one would make the best password and why?
    • My name and my birthday
    • My favorite character in my favorite movie?

Our main learning objective in the password lesson is that passwords should be something personal to you and easy to remember, but difficult for someone else to figure out. It could be a special word or phrase, name of your favorite character, movie, food or song. When working with younger children, we found asking them to make up a sentence or phrase that is special to them and then have them change it into their own secret code works best.


For Example: SentenceJack and Jill went up the hill to fetch water and passwordJ&Jwuth2fw. They could also complete the following handout.

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