Unit 3 Task

Unit 3 Task, Response to:

“Find and share a resource to support teaching students in primary years about information sharing or safe communication. Include a brief description.”

Information sharing and safe communication is vital knowledge for primary years students to lay the foundations for a safe, secure digital experience. Many students may not respond as well to written sources of information, so as my chosen additional resource for teaching students about cyber safety and information sharing, I was able to find a company that provides live theatre performances in schools within Melbourne, regional Victoria, and Adelaide. The company explores a range of safety issues faced by students within schools and at home, but one particular production of significance to Information Sharing and online safety is titled “SAVING LIL AND ARCHIE; WELLBEING, CYBER SAFETY & ANTI BULLYING”. Below, I will attach the online link to this fabulous company, BrainStorm Productions.


Saving Lil & Archie

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