Unit 5- TASK (Q2)

There are quite a number of varieties of resources that could be found online that would teach children cyber ethics.

To begin, when it comes to storybooks,  a book called ‘Kindness is my Superpower’ by Alicia Ortego. It teaches children about kindness, empathy, and compassion, I believe this is an important link to cyberethics, especially when it comes to being mindful of what we say to someone online, and the topic of cyberbullying.

Another storybook that could teach children to be more considerate to their peers around them as well as online, is a storybook called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ by Carol McCloud. This storybook talks about an invisible bucket that we all carry around, and when someone says something positive to us, the bucket fills up, and the person who does the nice gesture also fills their own bucket due to kindness and decency.

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