Unit 2-Question 1

Cyber security is a system that uses robust information technology and procedures to protect computers, networks, applications, and data. To create technologies and systems for safety, qualified individuals are required. Organizations must put stringent protocols in place to prevent attacks, as well as implement new technologies such as biosecurity and artificial intelligence. Maintaining secure technology and systems is one of the most critical rules.

Cyber awareness develops knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that help secure data and assets. Students should set strong passwords and use two-factor authentication frequently; be aware of cyberattacks; consider data use and misuse; understand that online data is permanent; and follow up-to-date policies and procedures.

Cyber safety is the practice of managing and operating online in a secure and responsible manner. Citing original authors when writing documents, interacting responsibly with classmates, and so on are some of the things you should advise pupils to do. Sharing personal information with care, taking into account one’s “digital footprint,” adhering to a code of ethics, and using secure settings are all important considerations. Please use caution when using devices and tools, particularly in public.

There are some clips in Vietnam that assist people to understand how dangerous it is if you don’t protect yourself (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRucOqyZhuw).



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