Hi. My name is Le Thanh Nhan, i am 48 years old. I have a small happy family with two beautifiul and active daughers. I am currently teaching English at a High School in the remote area in my country- Ca Mau province. Southwest of Viet Nam. I like my second home town very much ( Because I was born in North Viet Nam ). Ca mau is a picturequesite  with some of ecology sites- ” Duoc-Tram forests “. Ca mau people are very hospitable, close, friendly and open-heart with many various different culture such as Vietnamese Kinh, Chinese and Kh’Mer- Cambodian. I join this course with the aim to learn more experience life’s skills, know more about digital age, Cyber security& Awareness/online safety – the safe  and responsible use of infomation technologies. Cyber Data & Net works, Cyptograph, Security Measure  and Cyber Ethics….

Thank you.

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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Le Ba Lan. I am 23 years old. I am from Quang Tri Province. I am now teaching physics at Le Thanh Tong Gifted High School in Hoi An City. Nowadays, social networks is popular and I believe that it is useful for our everyday lives. How to use it in a safe and effective way is necessary. Participating in this course will help me get better understanding of security measures, information safety as well as avoiding cyber risks.