Unit 2 – Question 1

Cyber security is the key concept that computers, networks, programmes are protected by implementing computer science technologies. In my opinion, cyber security consists of cyber awareness and cyber safety. The former is performed well through education. Cyber security should be integrated into the curriculum, not only for IT professional courses but also for other disciplines. Schools play an important role in preparing students with knowledge, attitude and behaviour to protect their data and assets in good manners. The latter gets involved more with practical activities where people apply what they have learned into their professional settings as a responsible user to whatever platform they participate in. 

One of the subjects I’m currently teaching is English for Information Technology (EIT). Learners will learn about IT security and safety, such as describing security solutions, identifying a safe working environment, explaining network and system security. However, the content of this lesson mainly relates to linguistic concepts rather than understanding the nature of cyber security and solutions to raise awareness and practice of cyber security in schools and workplaces.

Currently, I am researching and implementing a community-engaged learning model to the subjects I am in charge of. I plan to apply this pedagogy to EIT. I will integrate the cyber security content that I learned from this course, using video demonstrations that, in my opinion, are very brief and easy to understand about how cyber security works. I will also emphasize to students the importance of physical security that we have long undervalued when it comes to cyber security. 

For this model of community learning, my students will have to survey the community, find out the problems the community is facing, and propose solutions to meet the needs of the community. My students will approach the freshmen, organize a circle of sharing in order to raise awareness about cyber security for them. Thus, each student in my class will become an inspirer, promoting the concept of cyber security among the students of the whole school, which perhaps our school has not done yet. The covid 19 pandemic has put us in a situation of teaching and learning online to adapt to the situation. More than ever, I believe that civilized behavior on online platforms will help protect the individual as well as the safety of the user community.

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