UNIT 5- Question 3

UNIT 5- Question 3: Let us know – is there a topic on cyber ethics that wasn’t covered in the course that you think is important to cover in cyber security and awareness?

– How to protect the students themselves from cyberbullying. It can take place on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms and mobile phones. Examples include:

+ Spreading lies about or posting embarrassing photos of someone on social media

+ Sending hurtful messages or threats via messaging platforms that impersonate someone and send malicious messages to others on their behalf.

– How to be safe from online shopping. Online shopping is now popular. However, it is extremely dangerous because of fake websites for e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, with payment links such as online with banks, such as ebanking-shopee.vn, ibanking-shopee.vn, ibank-shopee.vn, ebankingshopee.vn, ibankingshopee.vn, mobilebanking-shopee.vn, shopeemobilebanking.vn..Links are sent to access these fraudulent websites via SMS, email, etc., or make phone calls to instruct customers to transact on the fake site, with the aim of stealing account information and login passwords. , OTP code to make transactions to appropriate customer’s money in the account.

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